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Chanel Speedy

Chanel Speedy is a Harlem native who enjoys life and offers her knowledge, experiences and gifts to others as an enlightening point for motivation.  She believes learning is an activity within itself because it provokes change and adds the factor of common ground and different elements of thoughts.  Chanel Speedy started writing at the tender age of 7 years old turning in her ballerina shoes and tu tu for a pad and pencil.

In the beginning, Chanel Speedy would write her feelings down on paper and, then burn it to release her troubles; until Ms. Davis read a poem she wrote on a crumbled piece of paper and bought her a notebook while making her promise never to let her work go to waste or for her to ever be silenced.  Although she picked up other hobbies such as: karate and basketball; writing has always been her passion and music was not too far behind.

Her love for words came from her mother daily quizzes after reading the dictionary, completing countless book reports on top of completing her school assignments.  In her own words she is in a relationship with words they help her to express herself.  She believes that her writing can captivate any audience because although we all are different people we are one in the same.  She strongly believes that hearing, reading and performing spoken word or speaking words are three different entities of feelings that are captured. Her goal is to share the insight she has acquired overtime and help others have a sense of connection that they are not alone.

Chanel Speedy has released 3 albums including: The Un-Spoken Truth by Speedy, Absanecity and Unprecedent Acoustics which all appeared on the Grammy ballot. Chanel Speedy has appeared on Reverand Al Sharpton's radio show 'Keep It Real', taught children poetry in schools and has been a community leader in Harlem feeding the less fortunate and donating clothes to the Salvation Army or anyone in need yearly.

Chanel Speedy #iSmileforAngele campaign was formulated as a motivational concept for Chanel Speedy to strive towards excellence after facing a common life adversity. In May the day before Mother’s Day, Chanel Speedy faced a huge loss in her life that left her in low spirits. She lost her beloved grandmother Angele Armande Henry September 22, 1944 ­­- May 10, 2014); affectionately known as Angie to her St. Maarten community they had an amazing connection; this left Chanel Speedy feeling defeated because Angele meant the world to her.

The #iSmileForAngele incentive program includes:

­- Public speaking during Career Day

- Acts of kindness

- Feeding the less fortunate

- Providing money for College to High School students

- Photography project showcasing people smiling and the story behind it

- Splashgiving program and much more as opportunities to collaborate with other companies are presented. Chanel Speedy is one who wears many hats she obtains such poise, influence, intelligence and she has a great sense of fashion, humor and leadership.