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Fresh off the runway come a dynamic duo with a style that’s so next level that the masses coin it simply "aviator music". 

The A-V-A-DORS, aka Lericq and G.R.I.P.P., fly in straight from New Orleans. Both solo artists in their own right, the two have come together, challenging each other to create more masterful tracks. Lericq has put out several hood-acclaimed masterpieces including MURKMAN and Da Take Over along with a full length album released through BacYard Muzikk entitled "For The Streets".  G.R.I.P.P., featured on numerous mix-tapes, albums, and the cool kid approved street groove classic titled "Mr. Futuristic”, has reigned over the underground scene with his soulful vocals and innovative word play.

Now through their common desire to make classic records the two have come together to form the duo A-v-a-dors. They present a-v-a-dor music to the world with the release of their debut album entitled "Fresh Off The Runway". The lead single from the album that is burning up the airwaves and quickly becoming this summer’s anthem is none other than "Super Bad". This track captures the ears of audiences of all backgrounds instantly.

A-V-A-DOR music is sure to please for years to come with catchy hooks, skilled rhymes, and melodic melodies provided by the a-v-a-dors as well as up and coming producer t- dizzle. If you’re looking for real songs with a real feel that is sure to take you to heightened places then a-v-a-dor music is what you need to seek.

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